Pulaski, TN is due west from I-65, just north of the Tennessee border. If you use Google Maps find the intersection of Hwy 64 Bypass and Minor Hill Hwy.

Follow Minor Hill Hwy south approx. 4 miles. Just before you make 4 miles you will climb a hill. At the top you will see our sign on the right in front of a Dollar General. You will make a hard left nearly turning back on yourself onto Nancy Green Ridge Road.

Take Nancy Green Ridge Road out a half mile to the corner of Donahue Road.

You will be at Providence!

Monday, March 19, 2007


Located in the hills of southern middle Tennessee, Providence Baptist Church meets to worship and learn about the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of His resurrection. A small congregation, the church meets to hear their pastor expositorily preach and teach the Word of God.

It was the providential, sovereign hand of God that established the church, so Providence was the only fitting name for this work. The congregation sincerely believed that it was God’s overwhelming will, desire and divine guidance, which is God’s providence, that there be this church formed. And seeing that there were no other sovereign grace churches in the area, the mission became to bring back the historical preaching of the Word of God to the area. With aid and sponsorship of other sovereign grace Baptist sister churches, the Providence Baptist Mission began ministry and then established as a church.

Though we are a Baptist church, we are different than most Baptist churches in that we teach all Bible doctrines including God’s sovereignty and election, the eternal Lordship of Jesus Christ, Him being crucified and risen, irresistable sovereign grace, particular redemption, and eternal security. Further we teach man’s utter depravity, which makes it impossible for him to save himself, which causes us preach that salvation is by grace alone. These are not new or different doctrines. They are found in the Word of God and in the statements of faith of many of the older Baptist churches in this area who once preached and believed them. As a matter of fact, nearly all Southern Baptist churches believed and preached these doctrines. A read of "By His Grace and For His Glory" by Tom Nettles will verify this. There has been a resurgance of these great doctrines in some SBC churches as evidenced by the SBC 2001 Baptist Faith and Message. Unfortunately, too many Baptists as well as other Believers know nothing of them, for they are neither preached or taught openly or clearly. Therefore we believe that God has brought Providence to preach and teach these great Bible trues once again.”

Like many new works this little church began without a place to meet. The band of Believers first met in Brother Darrell’s and other member’s homes for several weeks in June of 2002. Each time they came together in prayer asking God to lead them in the right direction and grant them an adequate facility with room to conduct worship services. God sovereignly put us in touch with the folks at Pulaski Seventh Day Adventist Church on the Minor Hill Highway in Pulaski, Tennessee and these wonderful people graciously opened their facilities to us seeing that our service times would not conflict with their own. We have met there to this date, but just recently Providence has acquired a building of their own and will move into the building sometime in June - early July.

So what is it the Providence Baptist Church intends to accomplish? “Our main goal is to preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified to all without distinction,” states Pastor Lingerfelt. “Then it will be the work of God whether they are effectually called and saved by the Gospel. Should God bless us with souls, we will then do our best to teach them the Word of God and train them to teach others to do the same. We sincerely have a heart for sinners and pray that God will use us to preach the Word to them and they be graciously saved by the Lord."

Providence's worship style is to sing the old hymns and spend its time in the Word of God. Our goal is to always magnify Christ and not ourselves. If that appeals to you, Providence Baptist Church invites you to their services. The church is temporarily meeting in the Seventh day Adventist Church on Minor Hill Highway, just south of the Highway 64 west bypass, until we move to our new facilities. See the Services Schedule on this page for service times. If you have need of further information, you may email our Pastor:

Make sure to read our Statement of Faith and the Puritan Catechism in the archives to the right.

By His grace alone,

The Congregation of Providence Baptist Church