Pulaski, TN is due west from I-65, just north of the Tennessee border. If you use Google Maps find the intersection of Hwy 64 Bypass and Minor Hill Hwy.

Follow Minor Hill Hwy south approx. 4 miles. Just before you make 4 miles you will climb a hill. At the top you will see our sign on the right in front of a Dollar General. You will make a hard left nearly turning back on yourself onto Nancy Green Ridge Road.

Take Nancy Green Ridge Road out a half mile to the corner of Donahue Road.

You will be at Providence!

Monday, April 23, 2007

First Worship

Last evening we met at the new building and held worship. It was wonderful. We will never be able to recapture that time again. For some reason the first time the doors are opened is the best time. That doesn't mean that there won't be great worships services to come, there will be. But in those humble moments, sitting in lawn chairs, windows open, and singing the praises of God and His Son, there was a feeling of reverance and awe.

We then got down to the message for the evening. I took as my texts Hebrews 11:8-10 and Nehemiah 2:18. I reminded the Saints that Abraham had left the comforts of his homeland, obeying God, God sending him to a country that would be an inheritance to him. After arriving at the place God had chosen, Abraham still didn't build a house. For all the years he lived in what would be Canaan, he lived in a tent. Why? Because he was looking for a city whose builder and maker was God. I told the Saints that the building God had given us was just a temporary location...a fine one...but still temporary, because we still needed to be looking for a city whose builder and maker is God. I then took them to Nehemiah 2:18, telling them of the Prophet coming back to Israel to repair the walls of the city. We have alot of repairs facing us, but like the Saints with Nehemiah, we needed to strenghten our hands to this good work. And we will!, because this is the place the Lord has chosen to lift up His name. We then closed with prayer and fellowshipped in our new place.

It will be a while before we move in completely. We have to install heat and air, a new ceiling, paint, etc. But we are ready and fit for the task. Will you pray for us? I hope you will. Soon we will be posting pictures and you will see the progress.

If you know of any used us by email.